Why a relaxing Ayurvedic massage is good for you.

A professionally done relaxing and pampering Ayurvedic massage done at Ayur Healthcare at Sidney in Australia has many benefits. It serves to relax your muscles and pamper you to the fullest. This is a gentle massage that is good for your skin, relaxes your muscles and improves circulation.

Another benefit is that it moves fluids through the lymphatic system, relaxes nerves and lightens your body. It helps reduce stress, aches, and pains, encouraging good sleep. A relaxing massage at Ayur Healthcare also helps improve your digestion, and generally get rid of toxins in the body.

The reduction in stress helps improve your heart rate and helps reduce blood pressure. For individuals who are diabetic, a relaxing massage helps in reducing the burning sensation of diabetic neuropathy at their feet. The skin becomes more smooth, radiant and healthy.

If there was cracking of the heels or roughness of the feet, after the massage, they will find good improvement. A good relaxing oil massage can help improve the circulation all across the body. Significant improvement in the pain affecting joints, especially knees, can be witnessed.

A good relaxing ayurvedic massage at Ayur Healthcare in Sydney, Australia is a great way to feel good and improve your mood. It perks you up and makes you feel great about your body. You feel more aware and lightened. All those tiny aches and pains that were needling you for long will have quietly vanished. All the tightened muscle knots will have loosened and makes your movements more smooth and free.

You will feel the glow of your skin and its natural sheen. You will feel nicer and even more beautiful, naturally because your skin will be glowing. Your anxieties will vanish with a feel of relaxed goodness. It is known that those who take Ayurvedic Massage fee higher levels of feel-good dopamine and serotonin in their body that significantly reduces their depression and makes them considerably happier.

Body Type Consultation at Ayur Healthcare, Australia

Every human body has a constitution that is identified by Ayurveda. It is something that is constant and does not change. This constitution is divided up as a combination of Vata, Pitha and Kapha and the individual will have a predominance of one of these.

This constitution continues throughout the entire life of the individual. It is when there are imbalances to this individual’s constitution caused by climatic changes, lifestyle factors and variations in diet that lead to ailments.

At Ayur Healthcare, body type consultation along with lifestyle consultation is undertaken to determine your constitution. The Body type/Lifestyle consultation is recommended so that once the “Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type” of the individual is known.

The nature (Prakruti) of the individual is determined on which will be based on the recommendations on diet, medication, exercise. It plays an important role in determining the emotional and mental health of the individual as well.

All the herbs and body therapies for prevention of diseases, maintaining health and reversing chronic ailments will be based on the understanding of the individual’s body type. To know the Ayurvedic body type accurately, you can consult Ayur Healthcare’s doctors at their facility at George Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

The qualified Ayurveda medical practitioners at Ayur Healthcare can assess the body type by checking the pulse, analyzing the vital signs and cues and asking general health and lifestyle questions.

This determines the “Prakriti” of the individual which is the natural state of the elements of nature aligned with the individual. A state of equilibrium of the “Prakriti” which is the combination of the doshas indicates good health. It is when this equilibrium is breached that diseases are caused.

Knowing your body type helps you understand what foods to eat more and what all to avoid. It helps determine which foods will be difficult for digestion for certain body types. A good diet recommended by Ayurveda helps deliver optimum mind, body and emotion benefits for the individual.

For knowing more about how to determine your body time or to book an appointment for body type consultation at Ayur Healthcare, log on to www.ayurhealthcare.com.au.

How to access a Standard Ayurvedic Consultation in Australia?

While everyone is familiar with doctors and what their qualifications mean, some may not realize that Ayurveda practitioners are equally qualified doctors who undergo rigorous education and training.

Ayurvedic doctors who are trained in India have to take the professional degree called the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) which involves five and half years of study. Surgery in Ayurveda pertains to para-surgical procedures like ksara karma, agnikarma, jalukavacharna and such.

Ayurvedic doctors can also specialize in specific treatment methods or focus on some health issues or the treatment of a particular type of patients according to their constitution. The Ayurvedic doctor who has achieved the BAMS degree is called an Ayurveda Acharya. They can continue their study to achieve an MD in Ayurveda and follow it up with Ph.D.

The Ayurvedic practitioner with an MD can specialize in areas like kaya chikitsa (internal medicine), pancha karma therapy (purification therapies), kaumara bhritya (pediatrics). They can also pursue an MS in Ayurveda during which they learn para surgical procedures based on classical Ayurvedic texts.

A good Ayurvedic practitioner is required to possess knowledge of the classical texts, good intellect, ability to observe the patient and involve in the delivery of Ayurvedic medicine. He should combine practical experience, expertise and knowledge. The best practitioners are those who offer comfort and happiness to all patients.

Ayur Health Care at George Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, is a leading provider of Ayurvedic consultation, treatment and care in Australia. The doctors are well qualified in Ayurveda and trained with long years of experience to their credit. Patients can find effective cure and succor to their ailments in a holistic and natural way without side effects associated with Western Medicine. For more details, log on to www.ayurhealthcare.com.au.

At Ayur Health Care, visitors are offered a Standard Ayurveda Consultation during which the patient is analyzed to come to an understanding of the root cause of the ailment. Ways to pacify the issue with therapies and therapeutics and also the prevention of the reoccurrences of the disease are looked into.

The Standard Ayurveda Consultation is a major step towards a long and healthy life by analyzing all the issues faced by the individual. This body constitution, the root cause of ailments which arise from imbalances of vital factors etc are all examined and understood.

The patient can explain the bodily issues as well as the psychological pain and discomfort arising from it. The treatment could involve a combination of medicines, a constructive diet, lifestyle guidelines and an exercise regimen. For more details, log on to www.ayurhealthcare.com.au.