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Homeopathy was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Germany. Homeopathy is the system of alternative or natural treatment. This is based on the principle of “Likes cures likes” or “Law of Similar”– means that any substances, which can produce symptoms in a healthy person, similarly can cure the similar symptoms of the sick person.

The next principle of Homeopathy is ‘Minimum Dose’- the patient should be given the smallest amount of medicine necessary to evoke a healing response. This treatment enhances the body’s immune system and self-regulatory mechanisms. This type of treatment suggests to giving dose one at a time and not giving all at once.

In Ayur Healthcare clinic in Sydney, Homeopathy treatment has ‘ZERO SIDE-EFFECTS’ and safe for all age groups to treat diseases. In this treatment, substances used are made from plants, vegetables, minerals and natural substances. When treating many kinds of diseases and long-term illness, Homeopathy treatment proves to be effective and effective. Homeopath experts in Auyr Healthcare Sydney suggest patients based on the symptoms, previous health reports and personal examination and offering the accurate treatment for the patients.

In Homeopathy, patients are treated physically, mentally and emotionally and used to treat a board range of disease and conditions. This is inexpensive treatment and safe for children too. Homeopathy classifies symptoms in 4 different types- peculiar, mental, emotional, and other physical symptoms, and particular symptoms in the body.

Homeopathy therapy stimulates the body to remove negative toxins and heal itself. With sufficient rest, the proper diet will support patient to recover rapidly. Here, the homeopathic treatment helps to prevent deterioration.

To conclude, homeopathy is a form of medicine assisting the body in healing by itself. It is always good to take advantage of the accessibility of this natural and non-abusive treatment.